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Mission statement: The Gold Dust Forum is a private forum. We strive to make a safe, comfortable environment for writers and artists to discuss books, songs, and etc. Terms and conditions: 1: ALL content posted in the writing category MUST be the users own work. Gold Dust Forum and their Administration WILL not be held accountable for plagiarism or copyright violations. Plagiarism, in any form, is against Gold Dust Forum’s regulations. Any works, whether in whole, in part, or any variation thereof, that are found to be a result of plagiarism will be removed and the user will be subject to suspension or deletion. An author of a topic and/or post may only use someone else’s work if the original author is properly credited and cited in the topic or post in which it appears. Rewriting a work of another author whether published or unpublished is prohibited. The only exception would be in a “reimagining” of a classic tale or movie such as stories based on folk tales, fairytales, stories by the “Brother’s Grim”, and legends. If you feel that a member of this forum has plagiarized a work belonging to you or another author, please notify the administrator or a moderator. They will review the manuscript and come to a fair and unbiased resolution. 2: Sexual content is prohibited. The only tolerated descriptions that will be tolerated are kissing, hugging, and to subtly suggest a sexual act. Any direct reference to a sexual act, beyond those listed previously, will be subject to deletion. The administrator will review any content that is brought to their attention by a moderator or another member. If the administrator deems it to be in violation of the rules of the forum, the administrator will contact the author and resolve the issue at hand. Please, if you see any questionable content, contact, via private message, the administrator or a moderator. Please do not be impatient if the issue is not resolved immediately. Administrators and moderators will respond to the problem as soon as their schedule allows. 3: Respect the other members of this forum. At the Gold Dust Forum, we believe in resolving conflict “biblically”, that is through peaceful confrontation. If your conflict with another member does not involve any of the above mentioned violations, please try to resolve your conflict without involving any outside parties. If for any reason you and the other member cannot come to a resolution, contact the administrator. 4: The forums are intended for the author to get the real opinions of people. Any suggestions posted on a person’s book, song, or poem, become property of the topic’s author. The suggestions posted may or may not be used. If you are reading a story and get an idea for your own manuscript that is similar to that of the story you are reading, please contact the author of the story to obtain permission to utilize the idea. As the author of the original work: Should someone contact you regarding an idea and you wish them not to use the idea, please be courteous and try to offer a possible alternative.